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  • Message to Countries Worldwide: Stop Marlboro

    Tobacco Unfiltered Blog | 26 June 2015

    photo Around the world, health advocates are fighting back against the latest youth-oriented marketing campaign for Marlboro cigarettes – and calling on governments to stop Marlboro once and for all.

    For decades, the iconic Marlboro Man made Marlboro the most popular cigarette brand among youth – fueling a global epidemic that will kill one billion people this century if current trends continue.

  • Industry-funded Report on Illicit Trade in South East Asia Lacks Credibility

    Research Alert | 12 June 2015

    Late last year, the International Tax and Investment Center (ITIC) and Oxford Economics released a report on illicit trade in tobacco products in 14 countries in Asia. The report was a follow-up to their 2012 attempt to estimate the scope and composition of illicit tobacco consumption in Asia. The South East Asia Tobacco Control Alliance (SEATCA) recently assessed the quality of the new report in Failed: A Critique of the ITIC/OE Asia-14 Illicit Tobacco Indicator 2013. The SEATCA critique examines the methods and data used in ITIC report, concluding that the report lacks integrity and is biased.

  • Race Cars, Bean Bags and Video Games – But Philip Morris Claims It Doesn’t Market to Kids

    Tobacco Unfiltered Blog | 10 June 2015

    The youth-oriented “Be Marlboro” marketing campaign from tobacco giant Philip Morris International continues to spread around the world. The latest stop: The country of Georgia.

  • Ukraine Puts Public Health First in Suspending WTO Challenge to Australia’s Law Requiring Plain Cigarette Packs

    Press Release | 3 June 2015

    WASHINGTON, DC – Ukraine’s new government has suspended the country’s case before the World Trade Organization that challenged Australia’s law requiring that cigarettes be sold in plain packaging. Ukraine’s action is a blow to the tobacco industry’s continuing efforts to challenge Australia’s world-first plain packaging law, which was enacted in 2011.

  • Surveys of Tobacco Use in 22 Countries Underscore Scope of the Tobacco Epidemic and Urgent Need for Action

    Tobacco Unfiltered Blog | 29 May 2015

    Tobacco use surveys conducted in low- and middle-income countries underscore the severity and scope of the global tobacco epidemic and should spur strong action by nations to reduce tobacco use and save lives.

  • Beijing Will Implement Historic Smoke-Free Law on Monday, Setting Example for all of China

    Press Release | 29 May 2015

    WASHINGTON, DC – Monday will be a truly historic day in efforts to reduce tobacco use in China as the country’s capital, Beijing, implements a new law making all public places, workplaces and public transportation smoke-free. In addition to making Beijing one of the world’s largest smoke-free cities, the new law also prohibits most forms of tobacco advertising, promotion and sponsorships.

  • Study shows flavor capsules are misleading and increase tobacco product appeal

    Research Alert | 20 May 2015

    Over the last few years, the tobacco industry has introduced flavor capsule cigarettes into many markets, and industry reports emphasize their importance for growing market share. A recent study published in the journal Tobacco Control examined adult smokers’ use and perceptions of cigarettes with flavor capsules in the filter. Study authors collected data between 2012 and 2014 through online quarterly surveys of 5,723 adult smokers in Mexico, 5,864 adult smokers in Australia, and 6,865 adult smokers in the United States. The study not only found that use of flavor capsules has increased, but also that many smokers believe flavor capsule cigarettes are more stylish and less harmful than regular cigarettes.

  • Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids Honors Michael Bloomberg For Extraordinary Leadership in the Fight Against Tobacco

    Press Release | 14 May 2015


    Washington, DC – The Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids tonight will present Michael R. Bloomberg with its highest honor, the Champion Award, in recognition of his unparalleled leadership in the fight against tobacco.

    As mayor of New York City from 2002 to 2013, Mr. Bloomberg implemented a comprehensive strategy to reduce tobacco use and exposure to secondhand smoke, leading to dramatic reductions in smoking rates and contributing to a significant increase in the average life expectancy of New Yorkers.

    As a philanthropist, he launched the Bloomberg Initiative to Reduce Tobacco Use in 2007, with a focus on low- and middle-income countries. Bloomberg Philanthropies has invested more than $600 million to support proven tobacco control strategies in over 40 countries. More than 1.7 billion people are now protected with smoke-free laws and other effective tobacco control policies.

  • Updated Guide for Estimating Cigarette Illicit Trade Released

    Research Alert | 4 May 2015

    The Economics of Tobacco Control Project at the University of Cape Town and Tobacconomics, a project at the University of Illinois at Chicago, recently released a guide for assessing levels of illicit trade of cigarettes. Understanding and Measuring Cigarette Tax Avoidance and Evasion: A Methodological Guide can be used by government and civil society to develop reliable estimates of cigarette illicit trade, analyze existing studies and expose weaknesses in the estimates produced by the tobacco industry.

  • WHO report says reducing tobacco use by 30 percent in countries is key to reducing early death from NCDs

    Research Alert | 23 April 2015

    The World Health Organization’s Global Status Report on noncommunicable diseases: “Attaining the nine global noncommunicable diseases targets; a shared responsibility” tracks worldwide progress in the prevention and control of noncommunicable diseases (NCDs). The report also details priority actions for attaining the nine global targets to be achieved by 2025 in order to prevent and control NCDs, including the target of a 30 percent reduction in country rates of adult tobacco use.

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