Global Tobacco Control Updates

  • WHO Conference Recommends Nations Increase Tobacco Taxes To Save Lives

    TOBACCO UNFILTERED BLOG | 17 October 2014
    Meeting in Moscow on implementing the world’s first public health treaty, the World Health Organization Framework Convention on Tobacco Control, country delegates from around the world have unanimously recommended that parties to the treaty increase tobacco taxes to reduce tobacco use and save lives.

  • India Takes Historic Step to Protect Health and Save Lives by Requiring Large, Graphic Tobacco Warnings

    PRESS RELEASE | 15 October 2014
    Today the Government of India has taken historic action that will protect the health of the Indian people and save countless lives by mandating new health warnings on tobacco packs based on the best evidence from around the globe. The new health warnings represent the strongest, most effective action ever taken by India to reduce tobacco use. Today's action makes India a true global leader in the effort to reduce the number of people who die from tobacco use.

  • New Report: Graphic Cigarette Warnings Spread Around World

    TOBACCO UNFILTERED BLOG | 14 October 2014
    The number of countries requiring graphic health warnings on cigarette packs is growing rapidly, according to a report issued today by the Canadian Cancer Society. The report finds that 77 countries and territories have finalized picture warnings — up from 55 countries that had implemented by the end of 2012 and just one country — Canada — in 2001.

  • Uruguay Stands Up to Big Tobacco’s Bullying and Defends Its Landmark Tobacco Laws Against Legal Challenge from Philip Morris International

    PRESS RELEASE | 13 October 2014
    The government of Uruguay has sent a resounding message to Philip Morris International – and to the international community – that it has an extremely strong case and will not back down in defending its landmark tobacco control laws against a bullying lawsuit filed by the tobacco giant. Uruguay yesterday filed a legal defense of its life-saving tobacco packaging and labeling laws, which Philip Morris has challenged as a violation of an international investment agreement.

  • Ahead of Global Meeting, Big Tobacco Seeks to Derail Progress on Life-Saving Tobacco Taxes

    TOBACCO UNFILTERED BLOG | 08 October 2014
    A tobacco industry-funded organization is trying to gut life-saving efforts to raise tobacco taxes as countries prepare to discuss the issue at an upcoming World Health Organization conference on tobacco control, according to an article in the Financial Times. The conference kicks off October 13 in Moscow.

  • Case Studies Detail How the Tobacco Industry Works to Derail Tobacco Control Progress in Latin America

    RESEARCH ALERT | 23 Sept 2014
    A new report published by the InterAmerican Heart Foundation in Argentina (Fundación InterAmericana del Corazón Argentina – FIC Argentina) documents how the tobacco industry has tried to block the enactment and enforcement of tobacco control policies in seven Latin American countries and presents strong counter-strategies to the tobacco industry tactics employed in the region.

  • Graphic Warnings Begin to Appear on Cigarette Packs in Costa Rica

    Costa Rica has taken another important step to protect public health from the terrible toll of tobacco use, which is the number one cause of preventable death worldwide.

  • Philip Morris International Fined in Brazil for Targeting Youth with its "Be Marlboro" Ads

    TOBACCO UNFILTERED BLOG | 28 August 2014
    Philip Morris International's "Be Marlboro" campaign is coming under fire again for targeting youth. This time, the consumer protection agency from the Brazilian state of São Paulo has fined Philip Morris over $480,000.The agency acted after a formal complaint was filed against Philip Morris by tobacco control activists who documented how its marketing tactics were aimed at youth. Paula Johns, Executive Director of the Brazilian advocacy organization ACT, calls the campaign "cynical", noting that “independence and autonomy are associated with a product that actually makes the person dependent.

  • Australia Reports Dramatic Drop in Smoking Following Plain Cigarette Packaging and Other Tobacco Control Measures

    PRESS RELEASE | 16 July 2014
    Australian health officials today reported that the nation’s smoking rate has dropped by more than 15 percent – from 15.1 percent in 2010 to 12.8 percent in 2013 – following implementation of a landmark law requiring that cigarettes be sold in plain packaging. This dramatic decline follows a sustained commitment by the Australian government to implement a comprehensive set of measures to drive down smoking.

  • Despite Outrage, Philip Morris International Expands Global "Be Marlboro" Campaign

    Despite international media criticism and widespread calls from public health groups and government officials to end its "Be Marlboro" marketing campaign, Philip Morris International is doubling down and expanding its youth-oriented campaign around the globe.

  • WHO: Smoking Increases Risk of Dementia

    The U.S. Surgeon General and other public health authorities around the world have found that smoking damages nearly every organ in the human body and harms health at every stage of life. Yet we are continually learning new ways in which smoking harms health.

  • Uganda's First Adult Tobacco Survey Shows Peril and Opportunity to Head-off Epidemic

    A new survey of tobacco use and exposure to secondhand smoke in Uganda shows that the country still has the opportunity to head off a burgeoning tobacco epidemic — but only if government leaders act fast to implement scientifically proven solutions.

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