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Women and Tobacco: Essential Facts
Women and Tobacco: Health Harms

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Sifting the Evidence: Gender and tobacco control

The progression of the worldwide tobacco epidemic varies across the gender divide. In “Sifting the evidence: Gender and tobacco control” the World Health Organization Tobacco-Free Initiative examines the role of gender in tobacco use, gender and health impacts, and gender dependent responses to cessation efforts.

Women and Health: Today’s evidence tomorrow’s agenda

Women’s health has long been a concern for WHO but today it has become an urgent priority. This report explains why. Using current data, it takes stock of what we know now about the health of women throughout their lives and across the different regions of the world.

Women and Smoking: U.S. Surgeon General’s Report (2001)

The World Health Organization presents a composite overview of smoking and health issues among women and girls in the United States. The report summarzes tobacco use patterns among women, factors associated with starting and continuing to smoke, the health consequences of smoking, tobacco marketing targeted at women, and cessation and prevention interventions.

Deadly in Pink

The tobacco industry has a long history of developing cigarette brands and marketing campaigns that target women and girls, with devastating consequences for women’s health. In the last two years, the industry has launched its most aggressive marketing campaigns aimed at women and girls in over a decade. 

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