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The Global Illicit Cigarette Trade

Based on How Eliminating the Global Illicit Cigarette Trade would Increase Tax Revenue and Save Lives. By Luk Joossens, David Merriman, Hana Ross, and Martin Raw. Paris: International Union Against Tuberculosis and Lung Disease; 2009.

Taxation and Price: Countering Industry Arguments

Reports & Studies

How Eliminating the Global Illicit Cigarette Trade Would Increase Tax Revenue and Save Lives

This report updates existing global estimates of the illicit cigarette trade, based on recent data, and estimates how many lives could be saved worldwide by eliminating it. The results highlight the enormous scale of the global illicit cigarette trade, the huge sums of money that governments are losing because of it, and the significant number of lives that could be saved in the future if the illicit trade were eliminated.

Understanding and Measuring Cigarette Tax Avoidance and Evasion: A Mythological Guide

This guide updates and expands on the World Bank Toolkit on how to estimate the scope of tobacco smuggling in a country.

Illegal Pathways to Illegal Profits-The Cigarette Companies and International Smuggling

This report presents some key evidence and information about the major cigarette companies’ involvement in international cigarette smuggling in order to help readers develop a better understanding of the problem and how it can best be addressed to improve the finances and public health of the world’s countries.

Tobacconomics: How big tobacco uses dodgy data to “throw sand in the gears” of Global Health Policy

ASH-UK (2011) Report contains a section titled “Raising the alarm about counterfeit and smuggled tobacco” which outlines industry arguments using illicit trade and evidence based counter arguments.

Progress in combating cigarette smuggling: Controlling the supply chain

This paper presents the experience over the last decade of three countries, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom, which shows that tobacco smuggling can be successfully tackled. Evidence strongly suggests that the key to controlling smuggling is controlling the supply chain, and that the supply chain is controlled to a great extent by the tobacco industry.

Framework Convention Alliance: Illicit Trade

Policy papers and recommendations for the FCTC illicit trade protocol from the Framework Convention Alliance.

Key Websites

Action on Smoking and Health: Smuggling
The Center for Public Integrity: Tobacco Underground
Framework Convention Alliance
World Health Organization Framework Convention on Tobacco Control Illicit Trade Protocol
World Health Organization World No Tobacco Day 2015


Webinar: Busting the Myths about Illicit Trade and Tobacco Control

Watch the November 2011 Webinar prepared by the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids International Legal Consortium.

Busting the Myths about Illicit Trade and Tobacco Control

Download PowerPoint slides based on the Webinar.

The Global Illicit Trade

PowerPoint presentation based on “How Eliminating the Global Cigarette Trade would Increase Tax Revenue and Save Lives,” a report by Luk Joossens, et al. 2006.