Resources: Advertising and Promotion

Fact Sheets

Advertising and Promotion: Essential Facts
Advertising and Promotion: Evidence of the Impact of Tobacco Marketing on Tobacco Use
Advertising and Promotion: Countering Industry Arguments
Advertising and Promotion: Corporate Social Responsibility
Advertising and Promotion: Point of Sale Marketing
Advertising and Promotion: Point of Sale Tobacco Product Displays
Tobacco Advertising & Youth: The Essential Facts
Tobacco Advertising & Youth: The Evidence
Tobacco Advertising & Youth: Marketing Tactics
Tobacco Company Marketing to Kids

Reports & Studies

How Do You Sell Death?

The tobacco industry is constantly changing its marketing tactics to attract new customers and keep tobacco users loyal to particular brands.This document illustrates these tactics including traditional paid radio or magazine advertisements to sophisticated new uses of the internet, mobile phones, and other media.

“Tobacco Advertising and Promotion,” Tobacco Control in Developing Countries

Saffer H. (2000) Chapter discusses the impact of tobacco advertising and promotion and the impact of tobacco marketing bans on overall consumption.

Banning tobacco promotion: ethical and civil liberties issues. Action on Smoking or Health

ASH argues that tobacco is a highly unusual special case, with very serious health implications. This justifies intervention to control the marketing of the product, and if a Government receives a mandate to act, we as a society have expressed a collective wish to see the tobacco industry restrained.(1997)

The Role of the Media in Promoting and Reducing Tobacco Use. National Cancer Institute

Monograph 19 provides a critical, scientific review and synthesis of the current evidence regarding the power of the media, both to encourage and to discourage tobacco use. It is the most current and comprehensive summary of the scientific literature on media communication in tobacco promotion and tobacco control. (2008)

Key Websites

Not a Cough in a Carload: Online exhibit of US Tobacco Ads
Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids Tobacco Ad Gallery
World Health Organization. World No Tobacco Day (WNTD) 2008
Action on Smoking and Health (UK)

Technical Manuals

Assessing Compliance with Tobacco Advertising, Promotion, and Sponsorship (TAPS) Bans Vol. 1

A “How-to” Guide for Conducting Compliance Studies of Point of Sale Advertising & Product Display; Outdoor Advertising; and Product Packaging

Assessing Compliance with Tobacco Advertising, Promotion, and Sponsorship (TAPS) Bans Vol.2

A “How To” Guide for Conducting Compliance Studies of Point of Sale Advertising; Outdoor Advertising & Product Display; and Product Packaging.