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Designed for Addiction

This report describes key ways in which tobacco companies design and manipulate their products to attract new youth smokers, create and sustain addiction, mislead consumers to think that they are reducing their risk of disease and make it more difficult for users to quit. In addition, as the latest Surgeon General’s report found, the design changes during the past 50 years have also made cigarettes even more dangerous.

Tobacco Free Initiative Monitoring Page

Understanding the tobacco industry’s practices is crucial for the success of tobacco control policies. In recognition of this reality, TFI, following WHO’s Member States’ mandate, is monitoring and drawing global attention to the activities and practices of the tobacco industry.

Monitoring the tobacco industry

Reports and publications from the World Health Organization (WHO) on monitoring the tobacco industry.

Key Websites

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Taking Action Against Big Tobacco: Why it Matters and What You Can Do

A presentation to inform advocates about tobacco industry tactics and suggestions on what you can do to counter them.