Resources: FCTC Article 5.3

Fact Sheets

Corporate Accountability International 5.3 Fact Sheet

Corporate Accountability International outlines how Article 5.3 of the global tobacco treaty will protect countries against tobacco industry interference.

Reports & Studies

Philippines’ Article 5.3 Policy

Technical Manuals

SEATCA Article 5.3 Toolkit and Templates

To improve understanding of how small steps can be taken to fully implement Article 5.3 of the FCTC in accordance with its guidelines, this toolkit sets out a systematic approach to protecting government from the tactics of Big Tobacco. Legislative and policy templates for implementing the guidelines are included.

Essential Elements of FCTC Article 5.3 Implementing Measures

This resource is provided to assist lawyers, advocates, and government officials involved in developing effective measures for tobacco control. It provides a framework for analyzing and drafting Article 5.3 implementing legislation and policies that reflect FCTC Article 5.3, the Guidelines for its implementation (“Guidelines”), and lessons learned from a review of Article 5.3-specific laws and policies and those related or relevant to implementing Article 5.3.

Guidelines for implementation of Article 5.3

At its third session in November 2008, the Conference of the Parties (COP) adopted guidelines for implementation of Article 5.3 of the WHO FCTC on the protection of public health policies with respect to tobacco control from commercial and other vested interests of the tobacco industry (decision FCTC/COP3(7)).

How to Protect Public Policy from the Tobacco Industry: Key elements of Article 5.3 Guidelines

Ways to protect public policy from the tobacco industry and outlines the key elements of Article 5.3 Guidelines.