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Fact Sheets

India: Tobacco Policy Status
India: Tobacco Burden Facts
Bidis: An Overview
Bidi Industry in India: Workers and Livelihoods—Women and Children
Bidi Industry in India: Welfare and Working Conditions
India: Global Adult Tobacco Survey
Tobacco Taxes in India

Based on The Economics of Tobacco and Tobacco Taxation in India by Rijo M John, R. Kavita Rao, M. Govinda Rao, James Moore, R. S. Deshpande, Jhumur Sengupta, Sakthivel Selvaraj, Frank J. Chaloupka, and Prabhat Jha.

Reports & Studies

“Smoking and Death in India” Centre for Global Health Research

Results from a CGHR study published in the New England Journal of Medicine find that India is in the midst of a catastrophic epidemic of smoking deaths. Tobacco smoking is expected that nearly one million deaths each year in India during the 2010s – including one in five of all male deaths and one in 20 of all female deaths between 30-69.

The Economics of Tobacco and Tobacco Taxation in India

The International Union Against Tuberculosis and Lung Disease examines the economic and policy dimensions of tobacco taxation as a mechanism for tobacco control in India, the country with the second largest population of tobacco users in the world.

India: The Tax Treatment of Bidis

Bidis are under-taxed compared to cigarettes. Taking into account the health risks of each, and therefore, on health grounds, a strong case can be made for increasing the excise burden on bidis. Emil Sunley, one of the world’s leading experts on tobacco taxation, shows that taxes on bidis should increase, and he lays out a rational, detailed plan for how to do so

Tobacco Industry Profile – India

Case Studies

India: Advocates Protest Government Participation in India Tobacco Company Corporate Social Responsi

In India, the country’s largest cigarette manufacture, India Tobacco Company (ITC), sponsors “National Recycling Day” in multiple cities where the company operates. During the July 2012 celebration in the city of Chennai, ITC invited 10,000 school children, government officials, and local celebrities to participate. Advocates launched a campaign throughout Chennai, condemning the event as a violation of the FCTC and calling for government officials to not participate.

India: Advocates Call for Government Enforcement of Advertising Ban to Shut Down Four Square Concert

Godfrey Philips India violated Indian law by sponsoring a concert series and singing competition using its number one selling brand Four Square.  Following extensive media coverage surrounding advocacy efforts to expose the advertising, promotion and sponsorship violation, the state government of Tamil Nadu announced that the concerts were illegal and banned.

Key Websites

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