Resources: Global Toll of Tobacco

Fact Sheets

The Global Tobacco Epidemic
The Millennium Development Goals and Tobacco Control
Tobacco Harms to Youth

Reports & Studies

WHO: Tuberculosis and Tobacco

Data from the World Health Association illustrates the strong association between tobacco use and tuberculosis. The WHO recommends policies and actions to combat this public heath epidemic. (2009)

Global Map of Smoke-Free Policies

This document maps out the smoke-free policies of the vast majority of the countries that have ratified the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC).

WHO Report on the Global Tobacco Epidemic, 2009: Implementing smoke-free environments

The WHO provides a comprehensive overview of the evidence base for protecting people from the harms of second-hand tobacco smoke through legislation and enforcement. There is a special focus on the status of implementation of smoke-free policies, with detailed data collected for the first time ever on a global basis at both the national level and for large subnational jurisdictions.

Key Websites

Framework Convention Alliance
World Health Organization Tobacco Free Initiative
The Tobacco Atlas Online

Technical Manuals

Tobacco Control Policy Campaigns: A Handbook for Advocates

This handbook is designed to serve as a reference tool for advocates working on campaigns to enact strong, effective tobacco control policies. It provides guidance on the key elements of successful tobacco control policy advocacy campaigns.

Using GATS Data to Strengthen Tobacco Control Efforts: Guidance for Tobacco Control Advocates (PDF)

This document provides guidance to tobacco control advocates on how to use GATS data findings to draw attention to tobacco as an issue and advocate for effective tobacco control policy.

Global Adult Tobacco Survey (GATS) Data Dissemination Guidance for the Initial Release of Data

A guide for the Ministry of Health and others responsible for GATS data collection, analysis and dissemination. It provides guidance on the initial release of GATS data.