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Essential Facts: Advertising and Promotion

Essential Facts: Smoke-Free Environments

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Essential Facts: Taxation and Price

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How Do You Sell Death?

The tobacco industry is constantly changing its marketing tactics to attract new customers and keep tobacco users loyal to particular brands.This document illustrates these tactics including traditional paid radio or magazine advertisements to sophisticated new uses of the internet, mobile phones, and other media.

Taxation of Cigarettes in the Bloomberg Initiative Countries

This paper outlines specific considerations in designing a cigarette excise regime. It reviews the excise regimes in the Bloomberg Initiative countries and makes recommendations of how these regimes could be reformed taking into account international best practices and the starting point for the reform.

The Chinese Tobacco Market and Industry Profile

This report provides an in-depth look into China’s expanding tobacco industry by examining China’s tobacco companies and brands, products, and marketing tactics.

Cigarette Package Health Warnings: International Status Report

This report summarizes international cigarette package health warning requirements by country/jurisdiction, including both Parties and Non-Parties to the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC).

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India: Groundbreaking Legal Decision against Government Involvement in Tobacco Industry Conference

Karnataka High Court rules to end government sponsorship and ban government officials from attending a major tobacco conference.

Brazil: Advocates Thwart Souza Cruz's Sponsorship of Legal Seminars

Advocates enlist the support of a public prosecutors association in curbing the impact of subsidies from British American Tobacco's subsidiary Souza Cruz.

China: Delegitimizing So-Called "Socially Responsible" Activities by the Tobacco Industry

In China, local tobacco companies under the umbrella of state-owned tobacco heavily promote their deadly products through sponsorships.

Mexico: Marlboro MXBeat Concert Series Defies Mexico’s National Tobacco Control Law

Local and international advocacy groups urged artists to call for an end to the tobacco sponsorship. Advocates in Mexico also called on the Mexican government to enforce the newly passed national law.