Press Releases for 2016

Michael Bloomberg Continues His Life-Saving Leadership in Global Fight Against Tobacco (05 Dec 2016)

Landmark Smoke-Free Law in Shanghai Will Reduce Smoking, Save Lives (11 Nov 2016)

Michael Bloomberg Is Uniquely Qualified to Serve as WHO Global Ambassador for Non-Communicable Diseases (17 Aug 2016)

Historic Win for Global Health: Uruguay Defeats Philip Morris Challenge to Its Strong Tobacco Control Laws (08 Jul 2016)

Spread of Plain Packaging Boosts Fight Against Tobacco this World No Tobacco Day (31 May 2016)

As Congress Reviews Trans-Pacific Partnership Following ITC Report, Provision Protecting Tobacco Control Measures Warrants Strong Support (20 May 2016)

In Victory for Global Health, UK High Court Upholds Plain Tobacco Packaging Law – Innovative Strategy Spreads from Australia to Europe (19 May 2016)

President Tabaré Vázquez of Uruguay Honored for Global Leadership in Fight against Tobacco (16 May 2016)

Dr. Feras Hawari of Jordan Honored for Leadership in Global Fight against Tobacco (10 May 2016)

Tobacco Industry Loses Landmark Court Rulings in India & EU, Upholding Graphic Tobacco Warnings (and Other Health Measures in EU) (04 May 2016)

India takes critical step to curb tobacco use by implementing 85 percent graphic health warnings on all tobacco products (07 Apr 2016)

A Kenyan High Court Upholds Tobacco Control Regulations, Rejecting British American Tobacco Challenge (24 Mar 2016)

35 Health Groups Urge Congress to Support Trans-Pacific Partnership Provision Protecting Health Measures from Tobacco Industry Attacks (03 Feb 2016)