Industry Watch

Case Studies

When advocates are well informed about the tobacco industry's global reach they are better equipped to expose and delegitimize its methods.

By creating outrage about the industry's deadly tactics, advocates can motivate policymakers and the public to act and speak out against the tobacco industry.

Below are examples of ways that tobacco control advocates have united to successfully expose the global tobacco industry.

India: Advocates Protest Government Participation in India Tobacco Company Corporate Social Responsi 01 Jul 2012

Turkey: World Tobacco Turkey Violates Tobacco Advertising, Promotion and Sponsorship Ban 31 May 2012

Costa Rica: Successful Media Campaign allows Tobacco Control Advocates to Overcome Years of Industry 22 Mar 2012

Brazil: Advocates Successfully Counter Tobacco Industry Front Groups and Misinformation Campaign 01 Mar 2012

Pakistan: Advocates and Government Partner to Hold Philip Morris Accountable for Violating Laws 01 Feb 2012

Brazil: Strong Advocacy Efforts Thwart Tobacco Industry Attempts to Weaken Tobacco Control Legislati 01 Dec 2011

Mexico: Tobacco Control Advocates Effectively Counter the Tobacco Industry During Tax Campaign 01 Oct 2010

India: Advocates Win Groundbreaking Legal Decision against Government Involvement 01 Oct 2010

The Philippines: Advocates and Government Agencies Work to Combat Industry Interference 01 Jul 2010

Jakarta, Indonesia: Advocates and Fans Demand Removal of Tobacco Sponsorship 01 Apr 2010

India: Advocates Call for Government Enforcement of Advertising Ban to Shut Down Four Square Concert 01 Jan 2010

Indonesia: Tobacco Control Advocates Expose Corruption after Tobacco Clause Missing from Bill 01 Jan 2010

TABINFO Asia 2009 Industry Conference Thwarted by Tobacco Control Advocates 01 Nov 2009

Brazil: Advocates Thwart Souza Cruz’s Sponsorship of Legal Seminars in Brazil 01 Nov 2009

China: Tobacco Control Advocates Fight to Delegitimize So-Called “Socially Responsible” Activities 01 Oct 2009

Philip Morris International Advocates Protest Exploitation of New Markets 01 May 2009

Mexico: Marlboro MXBeat Concert Series Defies Mexico’s National Tobacco Control Law 01 Mar 2009

Jakarta, Indonesia: Advocates Protest Alicia Keys Concert Sponsored by Tobacco 01 Jul 2008