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India Acts to Save Lives by Taxing Cigarettes, Bidis at Highest Rate
08 Jun 2017
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In a historic move to save lives and protect public health, the TAGS:

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Working Together Around the World to Kick The Tobacco Habit
06 Jan 2017
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By Kelly Henning, Bloomberg Philanthropies

(This post was published by Health Affairs…

Colombia Passes Landmark Tobacco Tax
23 Dec 2016
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Some of the lowest cigarette prices in Latin America will soon be increasing thanks to a landmark fiscal reform package passed early this morning in Colombia. As part of the reform package, the Colombian legislature has included a new tax on tobacco…

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Survey of tobacco use in Vietnam shows some progress, but government should do more to save lives
06 Sep 2016
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The people of Vietnam are breathing easier thanks to a national tobacco control law that expanded smoke-free public places, according to a recent government-sponsored survey.

The survey, the second TAGS:

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Indian Policy Makers Try to Weaken Graphic Health Warnings in Favor of Industry Profits – Again!
23 Mar 2016
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A committee of Indian parliamentarians heavily influenced by the tobacco industry has recommended that increased graphic health warnings championed by the Ministry of Health be reduced in size. India’s Daily Mail called the committee’s…

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Ukraine Continues Fight Against Tobacco with Significant Cigarette Tax Increase
19 Jan 2016
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photo In a big win for public health, Ukraine’s President has signed a new law increasing…

taxation and price, ukraine

2015: Taking the Fight to Big Tobacco
23 Dec 2015
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From Hawaii and San Francisco to New Orleans and Beijing, 2015 has been a year of groundbreaking victories in the fight against tobacco – the No. 1 cause of preventable death.

These achievements show we can win this fight and make the…

Uruguayan President Tabaré Vázquez: A Leading Force for Tobacco Control
11 Dec 2015
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It takes courage to stand up to Big Tobacco — and Uruguayan President Tabaré…

plain packaging, uruguay

Big Tobacco’s Latest Legal Threat Takes Aim at United Kingdom
10 Dec 2015
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Big tobacco is yet again fighting public health measures meant to reduce tobacco use, this time by suing the government of the United Kingdom (UK) for its law…

australia, plain packaging, tobacco industry, united kingdom

Nepal Implements World’s Largest Graphic Health Warnings on Tobacco Packs
09 Nov 2015
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Nepal recently implemented the world’s largest graphic health warnings on tobacco packs, covering 90 percent of the front and back of the pack. Nepal’s new warnings set a global example and show other countries what can be accomplished…

graphic warning labels, nepal

New Report: Big Tobacco Breaking Laws to Target Kids in Latin America
04 Nov 2015
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A new report documents how the tobacco industry is breaking laws and exploiting loopholes to target kids with deadly tobacco products…

latin america, marketing, tobacco industry

Latest New York Times Report: U.S. Chamber of Commerce Ties to Big Tobacco Go Back Decades
15 Oct 2015
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This summer, TAGS:

chamber of commerce, industry interference

Big Tobacco: You Give Bon Jovi a Bad Name
04 Sep 2015
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Jon Bon Jovi quit smoking several years ago, and his foundation

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Norway’s Health Minister Blasts U.S. Chamber of Commerce Lobbying for Big Tobacco
12 Aug 2015
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New examples continue to emerge about how the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and its American Chamber of Commerce (AmCham) affiliates have done the bidding of the tobacco industry and fought measures to reduce tobacco use around the world. In the latest…

chamber of commerce, norway, philip morris international, tobacco industry

Uganda Sets Powerful Example with Comprehensive Tobacco Control Law
30 Jul 2015
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Uganda has joined the growing movement to reduce tobacco use in Africa by enacting a comprehensive tobacco control…

africa, global adult tobacco survey, smoke-free laws, tobacco control laws, uganda

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