Global Epidemic



  • Approximately 11 million (29 percent) Ukrainians smoke.
  • 50 percent of males and 11 percent of females smoke.
  • Smoking prevalence among Ukrainian men is among the highest in the world.
  • Among youth (age 13-15), almost one-fourth (24 percent) currently smoke cigarettes.

Health consequences

  • Approximately 115,000 Ukrainians die each year from smoking-related diseases.
  • Ukrainian male life expectancy is much lower than male life expectancy in Western Europe, in part due to high rates of tobacco consumption.

Tobacco Industry

International tobacco companies dominate the market, holding approximately 90 percent of the cigarette market share in Ukraine. In 2008, Philip Morris International led with 32 percent of market share, followed by Japan Tobacco (25 percent), Imperial Tobacco (20 percent) and British American Tobacco (13 percent). In Ukraine, more than 123 billion cigarettes were sold in 2008.

FCTC Status

Ukraine ratified the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control on June 6, 2006.

Tobacco Control Policy Status

Smoke Free Places: Smoking is prohibited in specified public places including: government facilities, restaurants, healthcare facilities, educational institutions, children’s playgrounds, sports facilities, in entrances to residential buildings, in underground passages, and in elevators and public pay phones. In other public places and workplaces, smoking is permitted in designated areas. Smoking is prohibited in public transport; however this prohibition is generally not enforced for private taxis.

Tobacco Advertising, Promotion and Sponsorship: Advertising, promotion and sponsorship of tobacco products are prohibited in nearly all forms. However, there are limited exceptions, including product display at point of sale and advertising of tobacco products on websites restricted to those individuals over 18. All forms of financial or other sponsorship to individuals, groups, organizations, or government entities are prohibited, regardless of whether they are publicized.

Tobacco Packaging and Labeling: Tobacco product packaging must display two health warnings. Fifty percent of the front of the pack must display one main text warning stating that “Tobacco kills.” Fifty percent of the back of the package must display one of ten secondary pictorial warnings with accompanying text. The content of the warnings relates to “smoking” and therefore is not relevant to smokeless tobacco products. Smokeless tobacco products currently are rare in Ukraine. The law prohibits the use on product packaging of misleading terms, descriptors, and other symbols that may create a false impression about tobacco products. However, the law requires yield levels of tar and nicotine to be printed on the package, which can be misleading.

Tobacco Taxation and Prices: The World Health Organization recommends raising tobacco excise taxes so that they account for at least 70 percent of retail prices. Tobacco excise taxes in Ukraine are well below these recommendations.

Updated: April 2014