Global Epidemic



  • One-third of Indonesians smoke (36 percent), with 67 percent of men and 4.5 percent of women smoking some form of tobacco.
  • Among youth (age 13-15), 20 percent smoke cigarettes, including 41 percent of boys and 3.5 percent of girls.
  • The majority of smokers in Indonesia (80 percent) smoke kreteks, clove-flavored cigarettes.

Health Consequences

  • Smoking kills at least 225,000 people each year in Indonesia.
  • Among youth (age 13-15), 78 percent are exposed to secondhand smoke in public places and 69 percent are exposed to secondhand smoke at home.

Tobacco Industry

Indonesia is the fifth largest tobacco market in the world. Major tobacco companies in Indonesia include Sampoerna (Philip Morris International), Gudang Garam, Djarum, and Bentoel (British American Tobacco). These top four companies dominated the Indonesian tobacco market with close to 75% of the total market share. In 2010, over 181 billion machine manufactured cigarettes were sold in Indonesia.

FCTC Status

Indonesia is the only WHO member state in Southeast Asia that has not ratified the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control. A 2009 national health law designates tobacco as an addictive substance.

Tobacco Control Policy Status

For the latest data regarding smoke-free places, advertising and promotion, packaging and labeling, and taxation and price, download the Indonesia Tobacco Control Policy Status fact sheet.

Updated: April 2014