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  • Norway’s Health Minister Blasts U.S. Chamber of Commerce Lobbying for Big Tobacco

    Tobacco Unfiltered Blog | 12 August 2015

    New examples continue to emerge about how the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and its American Chamber of Commerce (AmCham) affiliates have done the bidding of the tobacco industry and fought measures to reduce tobacco use around the world. In the latest example, Norway’s Health Minister Bent Høie is blasting the American Chamber of Commerce in Norway for opposing a government proposal to require that tobacco products be sold in plain packaging.

  • Effectiveness of graphic health warnings in Africa: The experience of Mauritius

    Research Alert | 12 August 2015

    In 2009, Mauritius became the first country in the World Health Organization (WHO) African Region to implement graphic health warnings (GHWs) on tobacco product packages, with 60% coverage on the front and 70% coverage on the back of packs. A study published in Nicotine & Tobacco Research finds that the implementation of GHWs in Mauritius significantly enhanced the effectiveness of the warnings, but effectiveness decreased over time. The study is based on data from the International Tobacco Control Mauritius Survey. Data on 668 adult smokers (ages 18 and older) were collected before and after GHWs implementation in three waves: 6 months prior to implementation (Wave 1), and 10-12 months (Wave 2) and 20-21 months (Wave 3) post implementation.

  • Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement Must Protect Nations’ Right to Enact Measures to Reduce Tobacco Use

    Press Release | 31 July 2015

    WASHINGTON, DC – As they complete negotiations on the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade agreement, the United States and the 11 other countries involved must ensure the final agreement protects the right of participating nations to adopt public health measures to reduce tobacco use and prevents tobacco companies from using the TPP to attack such measures.

  • Uganda Sets Powerful Example with Comprehensive Tobacco Control Law

    Tobacco Unfiltered Blog | 30 July 2015

    Uganda has joined the growing movement to reduce tobacco use in Africa by enacting a comprehensive tobacco control law. A key provision of the law requires 100 percent smoke-free indoor public places, workplaces and public transport and also prohibits smoking within 50 meters of all public places. This provision and others faced strong opposition from British American Tobacco Uganda, which lobbied policymakers to provide for designated smoking areas.

  • GATS Atlas: Multi-country Comparison of Tobacco Use Highlights Action Needed and Progress

    Research Alert | 27 July 2015

    The CDC Foundation recently published The GATS Atlas, a compilation of national survey data of adults 15 years and older collected in 22 low- and middle-income countries between 2008 and 2013. Data in this online resource covers 58% of the world’s adult population. Information is presented by the World Health Organization (WHO) MPOWER strategy, and also provides data highlights by region and for Thailand and Turkey, two countries that have conducted two rounds of GATS.

  • New Report Details How U.S. Chamber of Commerce Helps Tobacco Industry Fight Life-Saving Policies in Over a Dozen Countries

    Press Release | 16 July 2015

    WASHINGTON, D.C. – A report released today by an international group of public interest and health organizations builds on the recent multi-part investigation by The New York Times and provides additional documentation and detail about how the U.S. Chamber of Commerce (U.S. Chamber) has helped the tobacco industry fight life-saving policies in more than a dozen countries, undermining measures intended to combat a global tobacco epidemic that threatens one billion lives this century.

  • Health Groups Urge U.S. Chamber of Commerce Board Members to Withdraw if Chamber Doesn’t End Global Lobbying for Tobacco Industry

    Press Release | 15 July 2015

    WASHINGTON, DC – Five leading U.S. public health organizations today called on members of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s Board of Directors to withdraw from the Chamber unless it stops fighting measures to reduce tobacco use around the world.

  • Smoking Ban in England Cuts Child Hospital Admissions

    Research Alert | 15 July 2015

    A recent study published by ERJ Express finds that England’s 2007 smoke-free law, which bans smoking in all public places and most workplaces, has resulted in fewer hospital admissions for acute respiratory tract infections (RTIs) among children. The study analyzed data on approximately 1.65 million hospital admissions from the Hospital Episode Statistics database (from 2001 through 2012).

  • Moldova Enacts Historic Law to Fight Tobacco Use, Resisting Pressure from U.S. Chamber of Commerce

    Tobacco Unfiltered Blog | 14 July 2015


    In a significant victory for public health, the Republic of Moldova has passed a bold and comprehensive law aimed at reducing tobacco use and its devastating consequences. The new law was enacted despite years of opposition from the tobacco industry and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

    This landmark legislation will help Moldova fulfill its obligations under the World Health Organization (WHO) Framework Convention on Tobacco Control, the world’s first public health treaty. Key provisions will ...

  • CVS Health Demonstrates Integrity and Corporate Leadership With its Decision to Resign From U.S. Chamber of Commerce

    Press Release | 7 July 2015

    Washington, DC – Demonstrating true corporate leadership, today CVS Health announced it is resigning from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce because of the Chamber’s activities supporting the tobacco industry in the United States and across the globe. When the leaders of CVS Health decided last year to stop selling tobacco products, CEO Larry Merlo explained it well. “Put simply,” he said, “the sale of tobacco products is inconsistent with our purpose.”

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